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Live Contest Details:

This Live Contest is expired

Break the Bank #2 is a Forex contest for real trading accounts

Amega company invites everyone to take part in a new risk-free contest with an unlimited prize fund!

Break our bank and maximize your funds!

Break the Bank contest is held by Forex broker AMEGA on a periodic basis.

The date and time of the start and end of each contest are announced on the page of the contest on the official AMEGA website.

Only AMEGA customers who have verified their accounts are eligible to participate in the contest. You can find more information about the verification process in section Help - FAQ

A contest account is a trading account which complies with the rules of the contest and is added to the rankings. If a trading account is eliminated from the rankings, it will no longer be a contest account.

Terms and Conditions of the Contest

To take part in the contest, you need to sign in to the AMEGA Forex broker website.
You need to create a Mini Promo MT5 trading account in My Account and top it up with 1,000 US cents (10 USD) (hereinafter, "the contest account").
Complete a participation request form on the contest page on the Forex Broker AMEGA website. You will need to provide your contest account number (there should be at least 10 USD in the account).
Only trading accounts that are listed in the participant's account as open may be provided on the request form.
When submitting a request, there must be no open positions on the contest account.
Deposits and withdrawals from the contest account will be blocked from the start of the contest until the results are announced. If a situation arises where a participant must withdraw funds or make a deposit into the contest account, they should contact the Customer Support or the contest administrator through the contest thread on the FinGate website and request that the contest account is unblocked. After the restriction is removed, this account will be excluded from the rankings and will be eliminated from the contest.
A participant can submit an unlimited number of contest participation requests but only one contest account per participant can be registered in the contest at the same time. In the event a repeat participation request is approved, the previous contest account is eliminated from the contest.
If, as a result of trading, in accordance with the Paragraph 7 of these Terms and Conditions, a participant wants to change an active contest account for any reason, they have the right to do so at any time without stating a reason. To do this they will need to send a new request using the participation request form in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. This will mean that the previous contest account will be deleted from the rankings and a new one will be added. Contest accounts can be replaced an unlimited number of times using this procedure.
The contest is a competition among traders. The use of robots and automated trading strategies is prohibited, the trader makes decisions independently, based on the current market situation.
A participant has the right to use any leverage and all available instruments on the contest account.
Carrying out any trading operations on the contest account before the start of the contest is prohibited.
In order to qualify for prizes, participants must make any number of trades with a total trading size of at least 10 lots using the contest account.

Prize Fund and the Winners of the Contest

The winners are those participants who manage to increase the initial balance on their contest account by the largest amount (compared to other participants).

The prize fund is 3,000 USD

Based on the results of the contest, the prize fund will be distributed as follows:
1 — 1000 USD
2 — 600 USD
3 — 400 USD
4 — 300 USD
5 — 200 USD
6 — 100 USD
7 — 100 USD
8 — 100 USD
9 — 100 USD
10 — 100 USD

Extra Prizes:

All participants who reach the required trading volume of 10 lots on the contest accounts will receive a guaranteed prize of 10 USD.

All participants who reach the required trading volume of 10 lots on the contest accounts and who manage to increase their initial deposit as a result of the contest will receive a guaranteed prize of 50 USD.

The prize funds and extra prizes are not cumulative. Each participant can receive only one type of prize.

All participants who meet the prize eligibility requirements will be guaranteed a promo code for a deposit into their AMEGA trading account in the amount corresponding to the prize in the rankings table. The promo code and further instructions on how to use it will be sent to each winner to the email address stated in their MyAMEGA accounts.

Prizes: bonus funds.
Profit made from trading using bonus funds can be withdrawn at any time with no restrictions.
The bonus funds will be available for withdrawal once the required trading volume of 1 lot per bonus $1 has been reached. If the required trading volume has been partially reached, the withdrawal will not be possible.


3,000 USD to the first ten participants with the highest result.
1st Prize - 1000 USD
2nd Prize - 600 USD
3rd Prize - 400 USD
4th Prize - 300 USD
5th Prize - 200 USD
6th Prize - 100 USD
7th Prize - 100 USD
8th Prize - 100 USD
9th Prize - 100 USD
10th Prize - 100 USD

50 USD to each participant completing a contest with profit.
10 USD to each participant regardless of trading results.

Expiry Date: Contest Ended

This contest is no longer available. Please check out no deposit bonus forex 2024 to find the most profitable promotion to kick start your forex trading.

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