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Last Updated: Feb 9, 2021 @ 12:54 pm

Instaforex Club Bonus 2021

Deposit Bonus Details:

Instaforex is offering an extra deposit bonus for all clients of Instaforex. However, this bonus is not available to the residents of the USA.

How to acquire this InstaForex Club bonus:

  1. Open a new live trading account with InstaForex.
  2. Register as an InstaForex club member.
  3. Make a deposit of any amount.
  4. On the left-hand sidebar, click on the “Get your bonus right now” button.
  5. Apply the InstaForex club bonus. It will be credited instantly.

Things  you must know:

  1. This bonus is compatible with the Instaforex 30% Deposit Bonus.
  2. The Club Bonus is:
    1% of the surplus if it is < $500
    2% of the surplus if it is < $500-1,000
    3% of the surplus if it is < $1,000-1,500
    4% of the surplus if it is < $1,500-2,500
    5% of the surplus if it is < $2,500-5,000
    6% of the surplus if it is < $5,000-7,500
    7% of the surplus if it is < $7,500-10,000
    8% of the surplus if it is < $10,000-13,000
    9% of the surplus if it is < $13,000-15,000
    10% of the surplus if it is < $15,000 or more
  3. The only condition to get this extra bonus is that your deposit amount is greater your withdrawal amount.
  4. No account verification is required.
  5. There is no cap for the deposit bonus.
  6. Maximum Leverage 1:1000.
  7. Stop out level 10%. It means stop out will be applied when the margin level is less than 10%.
  8. The bonus must be claimed no later than 1 week of the deposit date.
  9. The bonus can be withdrawn if you have traded X*3 InstaForex lots, where X is the amount of the bonus received. If you receive a $100 bonus, you need to trade 300 Instaforex lots in order to withdraw the $100 bonus.
  10. This bonus is only for the use of forex trading. Stock trading and crypto trading might cancel the bonus.

Link to the Bonus: Instaforex – Club Bonus

Bonus Size: Up to 10% Extra Deposit Bonus

Expiry Date: On Going

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