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Vantage FX – $50 No Deposit Bonus (Exclusive on Forex Penguin)

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Last Updated: Oct 19, 2022 @ 1:50 pm

Promotion Is Expired

VantageFX $50 No Deposit Bonus Details:

This offer is expired. VantageFX has a new offer. Check it out: Vantage Markets No Deposit Bonus.

VantageFX (Vantage International Group Limited) is giving out a $50 no deposit bonus to its first-time clients. However, this bonus is NOT accessible by the residents of the following countries:

Afghanistan, American Samoa, Albania, Belarus, Bermuda, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Burundi, Canada, Central African Republic, China, Crimea, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Guam, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, ISIL (Da’esh) & Al-Qaida & The Taliban, Japan, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Montenegro, Myanmar, North Korea, Puerto Rico, Republic of Guinea, Republic of Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone, Sevastopol, Somalia, South Sudan, Spain, Sudan, Syria, United States of America, United States Virgin Islands, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

How to get this $50 no deposit bonus (Step by step guide):

  1. This offer is only eligible to new clients (Never made a deposit before).
  2. Sign up for a new VantageFX account. (You must register using the link provided at the bottom of this page) (This is an exclusive arrangement between VantageFX and Forex Penguin, and you will only get the $50 no deposit bonus by signing up using the link we provide)
  3. The link will bring you to the sign-up page. Fill in your phone number and click “Create Account”.VantageFX $50 No Deposit Bonus Sign Up
  4. You will receive an SMS with the verification code. Enter the code into the following screen. VantageFX $50 NDB Verification Code
  5. Fill in your first name and last name to create an account. Click on “Start Trading”. VantageFX $50 NDB Fill In The Name
  6. Congratulation, your demo account is created. Now you can proceed to the “Download App” page. VantageFX $50 NDB Demo Account Created
  7. You will be redirected to download VantageFX Trading APP in Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
    VantageFX $50 NDB App Store
    VantageFX App Store

    VantageFX $50 NDB Google Play Store
    VantageFX Google Play
  8. After downloading the VantageFX Trading App, log in with your handphone number. VantageFX $50 Trading APP Login
  9. Register a live trading account using the APP. Follow the step-by-step process on the screen. VantageFX $50 NDB New Live Trading Account
  10. Verify your identity and residential address by uploading identity and residential documents.
  11. Once your new live trading account is verified, the $50 cash voucher will available within 1-3 business days in the coupon management section. Please contact us if you do not receive it within the given time.
  12. To access the coupon management section, please go to Profile as shown in the image below and then click on it. VantageFX Trading APP Main Screen NDB
  13. In the profile area, click on the “Coupon Management”. VantageFX Trading APP Profile NDB
  14. In the coupon management section, look for available cash vouchers. The NDB cash voucher has an expiry date. Make sure you redeem it before it expires. Click on the coupon.  VantageFX $50 NDB Voucher
  15. This is the last step. Choose the live account you want the $50 no deposit bonus. Click on the “Submit” button and you are done. VantageFX $50 NDB Voucher Transfer
  16. Take a look at our account. It has a $50 credit and we can use it right away. VantageFX $50 NDB Received

How to withdraw the profit:

    1. You cannot withdraw the $50 no-deposit bonus. But, you can withdraw the profit generated from the bonus trading. There are 2 scenarios of how you can withdraw the profit. Both of these require a minimum deposit of $50.
    2. First scenario: You trade using the $50 no deposit bonus to generate profit. The maximum withdrawable profit is $200. You need to make a minimum deposit of $50 to withdraw the profit.
    3. Second scenario: You deposit a minimum of $50 before making any trade using the $50 no deposit bonus. There will be no cap on the amount of profit you can withdraw.

This bonus is no longer available. Please check out the best forex brokers 2024 to find the most reputable broker to kick start your forex trading.

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Parkash Kumar

I have registered live account for no deposit bonus and following the all instructions but bonus not got. Please help.


I regsiter yesterday but i didint get no deposit bonus


Hello is this bonus still available ?


bonus is still available for Bangladesh ? There is no information about this bonus in their website.


Bonus offer still available?
I am Bangladeshi. Can I get $50 bonus?

Last edited 3 years ago by milon

Opened account 1 week ago and followed all steps.. no bonus.. dont lie to people


Hi! I have followed all these procedures and got my account verified. When I checked at the coupons section under my profile, I didn’t see and voucher under the cash section. It’s neither been used not expired. Any help? Thanks


i am in Namibia, is the no deposit bonus still available?

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